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Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is an analytical technique that is used to study and characterize cells and particles. A flow cytometer counts particles and employs laser sources (LED) to analyze their fluorescence and light scatter properties as they flow in a precisely focused liquid stream. Most flow cytometers can analyze and process at least six to thirty different types of data simultaneously, including at least three different fluorescent wavelengths (channels), forward angle light scatter and 90 degree angle light scatter (side scatter). Through optical measurements, flow cytometers distinguish cells on the basis of size and shape in addition to the presence of many different molecules inside and on the surface of the cells. The appeal of flow cytometry arises from the flexibility and sensitivity of fluorescence technology combined with the technique’s high speed and powerful data integration capabilities.

Thermo has developed particles standards for set-up and calbration the Flow Cytometer. These Cyto-Cal Beads are instrument independent standards and applicable on every type of flow cytometer instrument.

Besides Thermo developed for Flow Cytometry a Multiplex assay called Cyto-Plex. Cyto-Plex beads enables customers to built a ready-to-use bead suspension array for all kind scientific questions in Immunology, Allergy, Bacteriology, Virology etc.

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