Particle Deposition Standards provide a cost effective and reliable method of calibration of bare semiconductor silicon wafer Surface Scanning Inspection systems (SSIS) over a range of particle sizes from 0.047 to 3.0 µm. The product is a suspension of NIST traceable polystyrene microspheres whose concentration has been optimized for deposition on wafers by nebulization. When used with conventional particle deposition systems, the 3 x 108 particles per mL suspension will deposit between 6 and 10 particles per cm2 on a 200 mm wafer in 30-60 seconds. The 1 x 1010 particles per mL suspension is ideal for deposition systems using particle exclusion techniques where the deposition times and concentrations vary. The cleanliness of the suspension minimizes residue on the particle and the surface of the wafer, allowing easy calibration of scanners over their entire range of operation. With low non-volatile solids content, SURF-CAL is useful for other aerosol particle measurement applications. The clean suspension also benefits particle detection on patterned wafers, mask and reticule, and disk drives.