LABVOLUTION 2017 in Germany Hannover

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Applied Microspheres

LABVOLUTION 2017 – come and visit us in Hall 19, stand E79/1.
Applied Microspheres is manufacturer of extremely accurate particles with very narrow size distributions. Diameters range from 20 nanometer up to several hundred micrometers. The surface areas can be modified for optimal conjugation of antibodies, proteins or other biomolecules. A wide range of (fluorescent) dyes can be incorporated into the polymer matrix, so that they can be detected on all customary analytical instruments and detection devices. A range of magnetic beads for virus nucleic acid extraction or purifications was recently added to the Applied Microspheres portfolio.
Typical applications for our particles are: lateral flow assay development, flow cytometry multiplex assay development, particle enhanced turbidimetry assay development, nucleic acid extraction/purification, instrument controls (flow cytometry, particle sizing, particle counting), amongst others.

New at LABVOLUTION will be the ABCount™ absolute count beads for Flow Cytometry. A bead population of 50000 is stuck to the bottom of a tube. The beads will disperse when sample is added. This provides an economical, fast and accurate method for absolute counting which eliminates pipetting errors in case of using manual methods. This method of fixing beads to the bottom of a tube or bottle can be applied to other applications as well.

So do not hesitate to come and meet us in our stand E79/1 in hall 19, if any of the above subjects aroused your interest, inspired you in your assay development efforts or other particle related matters. We are looking forward to your visit!