Medica 2019

Meet us at Medica 2019 in Düsseldorf

Distrilab Particle Technology will have a joint stand again with its sister company Applied Microspheres. You will find us in Hall 3, booth E72.

Distrilab Particles, with GE Healthcare’s Sera-Mag™ and Mag Sepharose  product lines, Thermo Particle Technology Group’s and Applied Microspheres product lines under it’s umbrella, will be able to service the entire life science and diagnostic assay development markets: from large scale diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies to small, cutting edge life science groups.

Applied Microspheres (AM) is supplier of custom designed particles. Particle sizes can be optimized to meet customers requirements. AM can offer the required bottle volumes and or concentration. AM has proven track record on stability even when applications require very low counted products. Besides plain polystyrene our particle surfaces can be hydroxyl, methyl chloride, amine or carboxylate modified for optimal conjugation of antibodies and proteins to the particle surface. A wide variety of (fluorescent) dyes can be loaded into the matrix of the particle at precisely controlled concentrations.

As an example Applied Microspheres’ ABCount™ absolute count beads for flow cytometry. A bead population of 50000 is stuck to the bottom of a tube. The beads will disperse when sample is added. This provides an economical, fast and accurate method for absolute counting and that eliminates pipetting errors when using a manual method.