Copolymer particle suspensions


Copolymer particle suspensions

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This group of products is designed to meet the need for particulate materials used for a wide range of research applications. We can offer them in both nano- and micrometer size ranges and due to the high concentration of the suspensions they are relatively inexpensive. They are useful for filter evaluation and testing, fluid mechanics research, dispersion studies and many other research and development projects.

Copolymer particle suspensions

A group of products with a wide variety of particle sizes and properties. They are ideally suited for applications such as fluid mechanics research, filter evaluation and testing, dispersion studies and many other research and development applications.
These products are not supplied with a certificate of traceability. They are not intended for use as instrument calibrators because they lack the strict specifications and metrology process required for those applications.
Brands: Thermo Scientific, Applied Microspheres

Generally, a substantial number of particles is required for these kind of applications. Thermo Scientifics’ 5000/7000 series latex particles are highly concentrated polystyrene latex suspensions. They have a somewhat lower size uniformity compared to particle size standards grade particles. They are also available in larger bottle volumes.

Brand: Thermo Scientific

  • Item no: 7525A
  • Product: Research and Test particles
  • Particle Size: 25 µm
  • Concentration: 10 % Solids
  • Composition: Polystyrene-DVB
  • Surface Modification: n/a
  • Volume / Quantity: 15 mL
  • Color: WHITE
  • NIST Traceable: NO
  • (Key) application: Research and test particles
  • (Sub) application: Filter testing, fluid mechanics research, dispersion studies
  • Application L1: Filter and membrane testing
  • Application L2:
  • Brand: Thermo Scientific

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