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The purpose of a coloured or fluorescently dyed particle is its visibility with the naked eye or by a detector. By adding a dye to the particle it reduces signal to noise due to the contrast between the particle and its environment. Applications for these particles are countless. By modifying the surface of the particles, antibodies or proteins can be conjugated to their surfaces, making them ideally suited for diagnostic assay development, for instance for lateral flow assay development. We offer coloured and fluorescent dyed microspheres from Thermo Scientific, VDo Biotech and Applied Microspheres.


Polymer microspheres are a major component in commercially available diagnostic tests. To facilitate binding proteins or antibodies to their surfaces, different surface chemistries are available, suitable for all commonly used conjugation protocols. Dyed microspheres are available for visual detection methods and fluorescently dyed microspheres for devices using fluorescence as a method of detection.

This product line is intended for researchers developing lateral flow diagnostic tests, and for other scientific investigations in diagnostics and biotechnology where labeling and detection of very low concentrations of biomolecules is required. A variety of microspheres are available with blue and red visual colors and four different bright fluorescent colors. Four different surface functionalities are provided. The diameter coefficient of variation (C.V.) of the microspheres is less than 5%, ensuring uniform migration through membranes. They have a nominal diameter of 0.4 µm, which is an optimal size for most polystyrene-based lateral flow tests. They are prepared without detergents so they can be used immediately without pre-cleaning.
Brands: Thermo Scientific, VDo Biotech

  • Item no: 93470350011150
  • Product: Dyed and Fluorescent Particles
  • Particle Size: 0.1 µm
  • Concentration: 1%
  • Composition: Polystyrene
  • Surface Modification: Carboxylate modified
  • Volume / Quantity: 1 mL
  • Color: FL-EU
  • NIST Traceable: NO
  • (Key) application: Life science and diagnostic research
  • (Sub) application: Lateral flow test development
  • Application L1: Diagnostic assay development
  • Application L2: Lateral flow test
  • Brand: Thermo Scientific

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