Magnetic Microspheres


Magnetic Microspheres applications: Virus, DNA/RNA, Totla DNA, cfDNA, FFPE RNA

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Magnetic particles can be manipulated by a magnetic field. Magnetic particles consist of a magnetic core or shell, mostly iron oxide and a polymer core or shell. As a biomarker assay they are used in medical applications. In a purification assay they can be used both in industrial and medical application.

Magnetic Microspheres applications: Virus, DNA/RNA, Totla DNA, cfDNA, FFPE RNA

Polymer microspheres are a major component in commercially available diagnostic tests. To facilitate binding proteins or antibodies to their surfaces, different surface chemistries are available, suitable for all commonly used conjugation protocols. Dyed microspheres are available for visual detection methods and fluorescently dyed microspheres for devices using fluorescence as a method of detection.

Nucleic acid purification has become a basic requirement of today’s Molecular Biology. To adapt to the current high -speed progress in this field, automation of the nucleic extractions is highly demanded. The emergence of VDO Biotech super paramagnetic beads conjugated with functional groups will greatly facilitate this automated process.

  • Item no: MS02H
  • Product: Magnetic Particles
  • Particle Size: 150 nm
  • Concentration: 2,5 % Solids
  • Composition: Silica
  • Surface Modification: OH
  • Volume / Quantity: 100 mL
  • Color: Brown
  • NIST Traceable: No
  • (Key) application: Life science and diagnostic research
  • (Sub) application: Diagnostic assay development
  • Application L1: Nucleic acid extraction
  • Application L2: Virus DNA/RNA, Total RNA, cfDNA, FFPE RNA
  • Brand: VDO Biotech

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