Magnetic Particles
GE Healthcare’s Sera-Mag SpeedBeads and Sera-Mag Carboxylate-Modified Magnetic Particles allow convenient covalent coupling of target molecules.
• Magnetite on the surface encapsulated by polymer. Carboxylic groups on the surface permit easy covalent coupling to biomolecules of interest using convenient carbodiimide chemistry.
• Available in Sera-Mag SpeedBeads and original Sera-Mag versions.
• Excellent sensitivity and low nonspecific binding for greater accuracy.
• Different levels of hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity available.
Sera-Mag SpeedBeads and Sera-Mag Carboxylate-Modified Magnetic Particles combine a fast magnetic response time and high binding capacity with a large surface area, high sensitivity, stability, physical integrity, and fast reaction kinetics. Covalent coupling of biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids to carboxyl groups on the surface is easily accomplished using our standard coupling technology. Typical applications include sample preparation, proteomics, nucleic acid isolation, and immunoassay applications. The Sera-Mag SpeedBeads offer 2 layers of magnetite on the surface resulting in a higher magnetic response time.

  • Item no: 21152104010150
  • Particle Size: 1µm
  • Concentration:
  • Composition: Polymer magnetic
  • Surface Modification: Streptavidin
  • Volume / Quantity: 1 mL
  • Color: BROWN
  • NIST Traceable: No
  • (Key) application: Life science and diagnostic research