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We are a particle technology service and knowledge center and have been European distributor for particle technology products for over 30 years.
Distrilab offers particle standards directly from stock. When you contact us by phone our reception will forward you directly to the requested department and colleague.
We answer your need in the time we promise.

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Particle size standards

(NIST) traceable particle size standards enable laboratories to validate or calibrate their particle sizing instruments or methods in order to comply with ISO, GMP, GLP and other international standards. They are traceable to certified reference materials from international standard organisations through an unbroken chain of measurement leading back to the standard meter.

Company Values

Distrilab Particle Technology provide small polystyrene particles that are used as particle size standards and counting controls to validate and calibrate particle analyzers and flow cytometers. These particles are also used as reagents for a variety of diagnostic applications.

All technologies are supported by Distrilab’s own product specialists and through close cooperation with suppliers, customers can count on optimal service, customer support and advice. This is achieved by efficient cooperation and division of tasks between product specialists and administrative employees in the office.

We strive for a high degree of flexibility in which quality and fast service are of paramount importance. Distrilab’s main focus is delivering the highest quality of customer service and expertise. Therefore, Distrilab distinguishes itself from other, often large, multinational operating groups that are present in the market.


Proof of Competence: ISO9001:2015 Certified

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